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Producing Screen Inks and Coatings Since 1935.

Our "hardware"  presents  a  range  of  products  which  is  comprised  of - but  not  limited  to - Epoxies, Polyurethanes,  Polyesters,  Alkyds, Nitrocellulose, and UV chemistries; Ethylcellulose, Vinyls,  Acrylics,  Acid Resists, Gaming/Security  and  Special  Effects Inks. Additionally, our R&D lab stands ready to design and develop inks  and  coatings  to  match  virtually  any screen  printing challenge.  

Our "software"  consists  of  the  comprehensive  know-how  required  to  support  the printer/processor, bringing to the table, telephone, or shop floor an offering of solutions to satisfy the demand for total quality commitment.

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