We manufacture high quality specialty screen printing inks for a variety of substrates including coated and uncoated paper stocks, vinyls, metals and glass. Click on underlined series for technical information.........

SS Series Lacquer

Paper, paperboard, corrugated stocks, decals, coated wood, wood products, pyroxylin coated stock, top coated polyester and protected glass.


KP Series Lacquer

Some plastics, top coated polyester, coated metals, glass, coated wood and wood products.


BC Series Lacquer

Very high opacity version of SS Series, recommended for printing on "bleeding" or "fugitive" colored substrates, pyroxylin coated stocks, some coated fabrics.


CPI Series

Four color process lacquer for paper, board stocks, and some plastics.


PA Series Acrylic

Plastics, coated papers, coated metals, glass, can be vacuum formed.


VC Series Vinyl

Flat finish vinyl ink for rigid and flexible vinyl stocks, and other plastics. Vinyl coated stocks.


SGV Series

Semi-gloss ink for rigid and flexible vinyl stocks, other plastics. Vinyl coated fabrics, can be vacuum formed.


V Series

Four Color process vinyl ink.


Pure Series

High solids, low VOC, thermal set polyurethane.


PI Series Poster

Flat poster ink for paper, paperboard, corrugated stocks. Excellent billboard application.


PC Series

Polycarbonate, graphic overlays for membrane switch panels, other plastics.


EN/TE Series Enamel

Long oil (slow dry) ink for metals, coated metals, glass, some plastics, foils; good outdoor durability.

PDQ Series Enamel

Fast dry gloss ink for plastics such as treated polyethylene, other plastics, metals and low abuse decorative glass.

CA Series

Cellulose acetate embedments.

SP Series

Signature patch ink for credit cards.

LG Series

Lottery & Gaming scratch-off ink.

BB Series

Blackboard black and green for paper, board stock, wood, wood products and glass.

PX Series

Polyethylene banner stock, nylon flag stock.


PR Series

Non-top coated polyester, coated polyester, polyester coated metals.


PTS Series

Thermal set ink for coated and uncoated metals, glass; excellent outdoor durability.


ET Series

Air or heat cure two part epoxy, used for glass, metals, some plastics, melamine finishes, circuit boards; excellent chemical resistance.


EP Series

Thermal set epoxy, used for raw, primed or coated metals, glass; meets appliance mfgrs. specs. Interior use.


CC Series

Special "crystalline" effect for decorative glass and metal. Colorant dyes available. 


Spectracure UV Series


SPM:  General purpose for paper, some plastics.


SPA: General purpose, wide range of substrates.


SPG: Glass applications.


SPG-8000: Silicone Free


SPCC: Color concentrate systems.


SPO: Wide range of overprint clears.


SPL: Litho-Overprint clear.


Resist Ink Series

Acid resists for metal and glass, plating resists.



Screenable pressure sensitive and water soluble adhesives.


Photo Emulsions

Cudner-Cote general purpose/Diazo sensitized photo emulsions.


Screenable Mask


Screen Prep Chemicals

Emulsion removers.


Screen Room Chemicals

Blockouts,Water soluble, Lacquers type and lacquer proof.


Solvent Removable / Acid Etch Resist


PE Series Polyester Ink

Air dry formulation offers high gloss and good screen stability. Performs well on a wide range of  plastics, especially vinyls and top-coated  polyesters.


We can custom match any color in all series. For special applications, please contact our technical department.

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